About us

About us

Among genres of art, music and painting take an important role. Researches have showed that music, especially symphonic, has good effect in stimulating growth of brain. They recommend to make children listen to music to get brain growing. Learning to drawn helps children to show their reflections and concretize their view or imagination about the world around, it stimulates ability of view, raises perception and awareness  and promotes motor skills and understanding of the surroundings, supporting children’s growth of the intelligence.

Music and fine-arts are a common language, a link  between people of different cultures. They make people friendly, close and understandable with each other. In the trend of international integration, do they get more important role in the social life.

Parents all wishe their children to enjoy best conditions in their study, acpuiring advanced knowledge to later become useful citizens for the society. So, do Hoang Cun Art Center has such a same expectation. The Center define its training goal is to give to its students the most professional accesses to genres of art, following a principle of precociously finding out and bringing up talent. Having years of experience in the specialized training of genres of music and fine-arts, it converges teachers of high level of education, trained inside and outside the country, having good experience in pedagogy and all working at well known schools in Hanoi: Vietnam National Academy  of Music, Central Pedagogic College of Arts, Military College of Arts, University of Fine-Arts...

The Center’s advanced schoolbooks are almost from Russia, U.S.A, Japan.. that are now widely in regular use in Vietnamese are well as international schools, providing students with basic knowledge from elementary to professional. In 2018, HoangCung signed with the AMEB ( Australian Music Examinations Board – the Australian prestigious agency on the curriculum design and organization of international exam on art, speech and drama – to become its representative in organizing music examsin Vietnam. The Hoangcung center is also the first music school in the North of Vietnam opened the Smart Piano classroom “The One” in which combining technolgy 4.0 in teaching piano for children.

With a variety of teaching method, suitable for each age group, with a suitable time schedule and well-equipped teaching classes, we create good conditions to help students learn easily and quickly, providing them with needed luggage for the future.

Beside, has the Center got a shop where are displayed various kind of piano and musical instruments of piano and musical instruments of diversified models and where also parents can get believable recommend.


Unit 1: No 20, Lane 17, Hoang Ngoc Phach str., Lang Ha, Dong Da, Ha Noi

              Tel:02437764831  Mobile: 09043437

Unit 2: No3, Lane 95/4 Hoang Cau str., Dong Da, Ha Noi.


Unit 3: Room 807 Building Hei-No1 Nguy Nhu Kom Tum str., Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi


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